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Online learning has erupted in recent years and is much more prevalent and accepted in today’s world. Although COVID-19 has played a role for some families in their decision to homeschool, it’s the clear benefits that have led many parents and students to continue learning online. Check out these 10 major benefits of online learning for both students and parents!

Student Engagement

When students are able to choose the content that interests them, they gain ownership of their learning experience. They can take their time and explore as much as they want. Children are more actively engaged because they make their own choices based off their specific interests. Online programs like Calvert offer a multi-dimensional educational experience that includes video clips, audio files, interactive exercises, and more.

Convenience and Flexibility

Parents and students choose online learning because of the freedom it affords them in their schedules. They can adjust their daily routines to suit their individual needs. Learning and teaching can be done at home or anywhere. With the help of online learning, you can save time while providing your children with a solid academic foundation.

Less Distraction

As class sizes continue to increase at traditional schools, so do the distractions for students. Teachers must take time to address behavioral issues, and students may be more influenced by peer pressure than by academics. Bullying can also affect a student’s ability to learn in traditional schools. Online learning allows students to concentrate on their studies and socialize with friends outside the learning environment.

Parent Involvement

Studies show that students do better in academics when parents are involved in their education. In a majority of online learning environments, parents become their children’s teachers and work with their students to ensure assignments and coursework are completed on time. As a result, parents provide direct support and encouragement for their children, becoming partners in their education.

Environmental Benefits

Online learning reduces the negative environmental impacts that come from manufacturing and transporting. The materials needed for traditional schooling like textbooks and electricity are dramatically reduced. This reduces waste and conserves natural resources.

Accessibility and Customization

There are a lot of students who shy away from asking questions in the classroom. In such cases, online learning can improve questioning skills. Since everything is online, accessing study materials and submitting tasks is very convenient. With the help of online resources, students can access unlimited study materials. All the content and required reading materials are easily accessible from the comfort of home. Students can also slow down when they’re learning a new concept or if they want extra practice time. They can also speed up when they’re comfortable with a topic or have mastered it.

Academic Support

Sometimes students simply don’t get enough attention in the classroom. That’s not the case with the one-on-one setting online learning can offer. Parents are the primary source of personal guidance to their children at home, so it is important that parents provide personal attention to their performance during the learning process. They can also help their students connect with other resources whenever a need arises for clarification and discussion.

Feedback and Assessment

With the help of an online learning platform, students are able to get instant feedback for their performance, helping students quickly identify weaknesses and strengths. Parents can also easily track student progress with real-time assessment tools. With a program like Calvert, 85% of student work is automatically graded, excluding short answer and essay-type responses.

Safety and Comfort

For years it has been the acceptable practice for students to sit on rigid chairs in a sterile school building during the day. At-home learning addresses the need for a more suitable learning environment. Online learning allows students to create a calmer, comfortable, and more productive environment for learning.


Online learning programs are highly affordable, especially compared to private schools. Online learning platforms are more economical because they don’t require the need for excessive school supplies, lunch money, clothing, or transportation costs. In addition, some programs like Calvert offer affordable monthly payment plans, so you don’t have to worry about large expenses.

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