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Affordably priced, Calvert lets students receive a homeschool curriculum at a fraction of the price of regular workbooks.


Calvert allows students to work at their own pace to master material before moving to new concepts.


Short units that can be completed in as little as three weeks build confidence and provide a motivating sense of accomplishment.

Diagnostic Tests

Placement tests are available for 1st and 2nd grade. Instructions for scoring and evaluation are provided.
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The Most Encouraging Curriculum

With the perfect amount of content per unit, Calvert builds confidence and provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon the completion of each worktext in only 3 or 4 weeks.

Tradition & Experience

Build stronger academic foundations with Calvert! This print-based curriculum for grades Pre K-5 includes four general subjects that combine textbook and workbook lessons into "worktext" units. Promoting critical thinking skills and independent study, Calvert Pre K-5 conveniently coordinates lessons, manipulatives, exercises, projects, reviews, and tests to help students learn concepts.

Print: Grades PRE K-5

All-in-One Simplicity

Each Calvert course contains everything needed to master the subject. Other approaches require a cumbersome textbook, a notebook, and workbooks. Choosing Calvert curriculum means choosing the convenience of all-in-one.

Full-grade Kits

Grades Pre K-5

Strong Foundations

1st through 5th grade courses enhance learning with modern and eye-catching lessons in the core subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science. Kindergarten focuses on math and language arts, while preschool offers fundamental courses in phonics, math, and electives to provide a solid foundation for learning.

Preschool Math, Phonics & Electives Set

CPS    $269.85

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Kindergarten Complete Set

CKSM    $216.00

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1st Grade Complete Set

CSM0100    $504.00

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2nd Grade Complete Set

CSM0200    $504.00

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3rd Grade Complete Set

CS0300    $468.00

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4th Grade Complete Set

CS0400    $468.00

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5th Grade Complete Set

CS0500    $468.00

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Self Mastery Tests

Serving as checkpoints throughout each unit, self-tests are closed-book tests that provide a review of each section. Missed questions help identify weaknesses or areas of study that should be revisited. Packaged at the center in each worktext, a final Test is given to ensure mastery of content. The minimum level of competency to proceed to the next section is considered to be 80%.


Integrated lesson plans free teachers to tutor, grade, and encourage students without having to create the educational design. Each course also comes with teacher support materials, including practical tips, suggested activities, and answer keys.