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What grade level is right for my child?

Child with iPad

Whether transitioning your child from a traditional school or starting his homeschooling journey in kindergarten, it's important to first test your child's academic abilities.  Not only can you avoid the possibility of learning gaps (a problem that occurs because concepts are not uniformly presented at the same time within all curriculum), but you can also determine if your child is being challenged too little or too much.  For instance, your 5th grade homeschooler may be at his grade level for science and history but need a 3rd grade level for English and/or a 6th grade level for math.  Determine your child's placement level with our free diagnostic tests!

Diagnostic Tests

To accurately place your child into our Calvert curriculum, we offer free placement test resources. Use the links below to get started today!

Print Tests
Grades 1-2


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