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Why Homeschool Families Are Switching to an Online Curriculum

Homeschooling comes in many shapes and sizes to fit all the different types of families who homeschool. For busy families with fast-paced lives, online curriculum is emerging as a game-changing homeschool option. Here are a few reasons why more and more homeschool families are making the switch:

Online curriculum offers automated grading that frees up parents.

Choosing an online curriculum means freeing up your day to focus on what matters. Rather than grading multiplication questions, you can spend quality time with your child. Rather than painstakingly grading spelling words, you can spend time looking for engaging ways to incorporate topics that have sparked your young learner’s interest.

Online curriculum allows for shorter homeschooling days.

Because there is no set up or tear down time with an online curriculum, all you need to do is log in to get started! This freed-up time can be used for creative play, extracurriculars, or, as your child gets older, real-world career experience.

Online learning takes “work at your own pace” to the next level.

With any homeschooling program, you have some flexibility when it comes to completing curriculum at your own pace, but what about kids who work at a significantly faster pace than normal? With traditional print curriculum, you need to buy new products each time your child advances, even if it means buying years of curriculum in only one school year!

However, with an online curriculum like Calvert Homeschool offers for grades 3-12, students have access to all main subjects across all 10 years. Even if you finish a course in record time, you can begin the next course without any additional purchases.

Parents can also mix and match the grade level of courses to accommodate subject areas where a child may be struggling or excelling. For example, parents can easily assign 3rd grade or 5th grade math while their child completes 4th grade lessons for all other subjects.

Online curriculum is an organizational dream.

With typical homeschooling, you are on your own to keep track of which subjects you’ve covered in each year for your children. Saving examples of work can be a tedious task, often resulting in mountains of messy paperwork or overflowing file cabinets. With an online curriculum like Calvert Homeschool, organization becomes a breeze, as you can easily view and print daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly grade reports.

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