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Calvert Clubhouse
Build confidence and fill in learning gaps with supplemental math workbooks.
The Biggest Books of Math Practice
Supplemental learning with educational resources is a great way to help your child catch up and reinforce essential concepts necessary as foundations for learning Math. Calvert Clubhouse has everything you need. These brightly illustrated workbooks will capture your child’s attention with colorful pages and lessons that build confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment.
Perfect for young learners, this workbook contains 320 pages and 160 lessons. Calvert Clubhouse will help your child grasp basic math concepts quickly by placing high emphasis on counting and recognition of numbers 1-100. This practice is applied to various counting activities, as well as addition and subtraction of numbers 1-100 with a number line.

Includes Lessons On:
1st Grade
This brightly illustrated workbook will capture your child's attention with 320 colorful pages and 160 lessons that cover counting and number skills with numbers 1-200 included. The worksheets provide extensive practice on basic addition and subtraction skills, including addition with carry.

Includes Lessons On:
2nd Grade
Capture your child's attention with fun, brightly illustrated worksheets. This 320 page workbook reinforces math concepts learned in 2nd grade by practicing number skills to 1,000. Addition practice includes three-digit numbers with carry and subtraction. Multiplication is introduced and basic facts 0-10 are practiced.

Includes Lessons On:
3rd Grade
Help your child excel in math with this 320 page workbook containing 160 lessons with 2000+ activities. Worksheets encourage practicing multiplication, division, word problems, fractions and more. Fun illustrations and charts with increasingly more challenging lessons will keep your student engaged and make math their new favorite subject to practice.

Includes Lessons On: