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Whether you’re convinced you need to transition to homeschooling at semester break or you’re simply pondering whether you should make the leap, let Calvert welcome you to this incredible and rewarding endeavor with 10 tips to make the switch as easy as possible for your family.

1. Discuss the decision to transition to homeschooling with your child. Address any concerns or anxiety about making the switch.

2. Be aware of your state’s homeschooling rules and regulations.

3. Research local homeschooling groups in your area. They can help with questions, general concerns, and encouragement.

4. Withdraw your child and obtain all applicable records from your school (i.e. transcripts)

5. Establish a basic schedule for your homeschooling routine.

6. Plan and set goals.

7. Discover a homeschooling method that meets the needs of your family. Whether you choose to incorporate workbooks, online learning, or both, there is no wrong way to homeschool.

8. Find your curriculum. You should consider the following when choosing a curriculum:

- Number/ages of children

- Teaching style

- Children’s learning style

9. Give your child an academic placement test to eliminate learning gaps.

10. Expect a period of adjustment for your family. You may need to keep things simple at first until everyone gets used to the change.

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