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While the thought of teaching high school level subjects intimidates many homeschool parents, take comfort in the fact that most high school students are ready to be challenged academically and have the ability to learn independently. When it comes to homeschooling through the high school years, here are some great tips to eliminate anxiety and ensure success.

1. Start preparing before high school begins. Throughout the course of education, the goal has been to prepare students successfully for life after high school. In doing so, they develop their own educational independence, and your role can smoothly transition from teacher to facilitator.

2. Give them a voice in their curriculum. By the time students reach high school, they probably have an idea of how they learn best. When planning for the new school year, let them pick what they what to learn about and listen to their voice when choosing a curriculum.

3. Give them control of their environment. Let students choose where they want to learn. Whether it is the dining room, bedroom, or outside, let them work where they feel comfortable as long as their schoolwork remains satisfactory.

4. Don’t overschedule. As children grow, they tend to become more involved in friendships, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Keep this in mind and be sure to help your child keep everything balanced.

5. Hold them accountable. Even though high school students are more independent, it is important to check up on their schoolwork, chores, and commitments until you see they are able to handle it on their own. This may involve helping them identify goals and formulating a plan.

6. Allow them to manage their time. High school is an excellent opportunity to learn time management skills without the high stakes they might encounter after graduation. As long as they complete their work in a timely manner, give them the freedom to manage their schedule.

7. Embrace their passions. At this time in their lives, students tend to explore their interests. Provide them with opportunities to explore their passions by looking for opportunities in the form of local sports, online courses, and continuing education classes.

8. Earn dual credit. Get a head start on your child’s college education with dual credit programs. These programs prepare students for the rigors of higher education while earning college credits and satisfying high school graduation requirements.

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