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While it’s important to reflect on the things for which we’re thankful at Thanksgiving, especially for young kids, it can be intimidating to simply go around the table and share our blessings and feelings. To add some family fun to your holiday, use these free printables from Calvert and play these two Thanksgiving games this year!

The Gratitude Game

Use this color-coded gratitude game chart as a cheat sheet to help family members share the things for which they are thankful this year. Sprinkle color-coated chocolates around each place setting and use those candies to mark each completed category. Instead of just going down the line in order, you can have sharers close their eyes and answer the category represented by the color of candy they randomly select.

Important tip: Make sure to disperse plenty of extra chocolates for some pre-meal nibbling!


Thanksgiving Scattegories

Over the course of two or three minutes, players attempt to fill each category using words that start with only one letter. At the end of the round, players share their answers and points are awarded for all unique responses. Bonus points are given for proper names or titles with two words beginning with the same letter. Remember though, adjectives don’t count, and you certainly don’t want family conflicts arising over one point in a fun game, even for the most competitive family members!

Important tip: Play this game pre-meal before the turkey’s L-tryptophan impacts your quick thinking!