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Meet Emma.
Calvert Academy Student
“I just finished my year-long run on Broadway in the Music Man. … If I went to regular school, I would not have been able to manage that schedule. It just wouldn't be possible.”
- Emma C., Calvert Academy Student
Pursuing Dreams Without Limitations with Calvert Academy
At-home learning has enabled Emma to excel in her studies and pursue her dream of becoming a performer at a young age. The flexibility to customize learning to her schedule and access support through Calvert Academy opened doors to travel on Broadway for a yearlong tour of “The Music Man.” Discover the freedom homeschool can offer students academically, professionally and socially by watching her story.
“Homeschooling gives us a lot of flexibility to travel and primarily for her to train because all our training schedule is in the morning, during the day. Had she been in traditional school, there’s no way she could have been involved to do what she does.” - Claudette C., Emma's Mom
Calvert Academy
Access Accreditation And Teacher Support
Calvert Academy supports your family through a committed team of qualified teachers from single course enrollment to full-time enrollment culminating in a high school diploma. Students enrolled full-time enjoy access to 24/7 live tutoring while single course enrollment students can access tutor support for an additional fee. Students can start learning on their terms whether it be traditional school years, summer school, dual enrollment, adult education, or credit recovery with teacher support based on a year-round open enrollment approach. LEARN MORE
5 Brands. 1 Trusted Name.
We make your life easier with print and online solutions to fit your needs. Choose between print and online homeschool and supplemental learning courses or an online accredited academy with teacher support. Both homeschool and academy options are self-paced and customizable. Find your perfect fit.