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Inspiring Learners. Uncovering Leaders.
Watch Calvert parents and students break barriers, inspire families, and lead the home learning movement.

Home Learning For Everyone 

Learn more about our home learning options to support your family’s specific needs.

It Takes a Village.
Home learning empowers parents around the world to transform their child’s education. Walk alongside Calvert families in their home learning journey and discover the impact personalized learning, a nurturing environment, and community support can have on your child’s education, and more importantly, life.
Meet the Feehley family
Future Prepared. Life Equipped.
Learn how Diane, a working mom, put her trust in an online academy to give her children the education they needed to thrive. While quality curriculum and academic support prepared them for acceptance into the top five colleges in the nation, and a future career in medicine, she rounded the edges, instilling morals and values, and equipped them for life.
Educational Resources and Curriculum for Every Learner
No matter where or how your child learns best, Calvert has home learning resources and curriculum for everyone. With print, online, academy, and supplemental learning options, every family has access to a customized education, tailored to meet your child's specific needs.
Pursuing Dreams Without Limitations with Calvert Academy
Home learning has enabled Emma to excel in her studies and pursue her dream of becoming a performer at a young age. The flexibility to customize learning to her schedule and access support through Calvert Academy opened doors to travel on Broadway for a yearlong tour of “The Music Man.” Discover the freedom homeschool can offer students academically, professionally and socially by watching her story.
MEET rayana
Freedom, Flexibility, and Family
On the other side of the globe, Rayana attends Calvert Academy from her home in the United Arab Emirates. Home learning has enabled her to lead the lifestyle she wants to live without compromising the quality of education. More importantly, her family has the unique opportunity to be a part of her learning journey and guide her down the path they want for her in life.
Every Education Has A Story
Everyone’s home learning journey is unique and we’re on a mission to share Calvert family stories from around the world. If you would like to be featured, submit your story and our marketing team will connect with you.