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A great education involves finding ways that allow all students to flourish in their own unique ways using their own unique strengths. This is especially true for students with special needs.

Many students enjoy and excel with computer-based learning like Calvert. An online curriculum for grades 3-12, Calvert offers an enriching, personalized experience that inspires and challenges all students to reach their full potential.

Check out these three ways Calvert excels as an accessible online curriculum for all students:


Like homeschooling in general, online courses provide greater flexibility, allowing students to do their work when they are most capable at their own pace. Calvert Online also allows parents to customize learning across grade levels to meet individual needs for each subject. For example, if your 5th grader is struggling in math, you can assign 4th grade math, but 5th grade for the rest of the classes.


With this user-friendly feature, students can highlight an entire lesson or certain passages, select from multiple voices, and have the text read aloud. It’s perfect for audio learners or students who have difficulty with reading comprehension.


Packed with eye-catching videos, dynamic audio clips, and interactive games, Calvert Online brings learning to life by engaging and challenging students. Media-rich lessons create a multidimensional learning experience to illuminate key points of instruction and deepen understanding through technology.

Calvert also offers innovative programs like Robotify, a 3D browser-based robotics simulator that engages students in learning to code.

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