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Bring Education Home
A child’s learning journey, propelled by wonder and excitement, begins at home and never stops. With the help of Calvert’s award-winning educational resources, families all over the world have discovered the amazing benefits of at-home learning.

“Calvert is the absolute best curriculum available. The program is extremely organized and provides far and beyond other curriculum. Choosing Calvert is a decision you are making to provide your child the absolute best, highest quality education.” - -Patricia M., Calvert Mom
Grades PreK-2
Calvert print courses provide eye-catching lessons for young learners.This print-based curriculum features brightly colored lessons that keep kids engaged and step-by-step teacher's guides that take the work out of lesson planning.
Grades 3-12
A fully customizable subscription, Calvert Online provides access to over 45 online courses across 10 grade levels, so you can meet the specific needs of your child like never before. Complete with automatic grading and record-keeping, flexible courses, and 24/7 access, Calvert is the easiest way for your child to learn at home.
Grades K-12
An online, private school like no other, Calvert Academy combines at-home education with the support of live teachers and world-class accredidation. Empower your child to grow and excel academically and personally with Calvert Academy, the leader in K-12 education.
Grades 3-8
More than just a coding class, Robotify empowers students to achieve learning breakthroughs by controlling virtual robots in fun environments that don’t require extra hardware or downloads. Start your coding journey today with this innovative program that offers a best-in-class, 3D browser-based robotics simulator.
Grades 3-12
Career & Technical Education
Help them discover their future, one elective at a time. Providing students with academic and technical skills and the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers, your child’s possibilities are endless and potential unlimited with Calvert Online’s CTE courses.

Free Samples

Calvert PreK-2 conveniently coordinates lessons, manipulatives, exercises, projects, reviews, and tests into individual worktexts. Choosing Calvert curriculum means choosing the convenience of all-in-one.

Free Trial

Get unlimited access to Calvert online for grades 3-12 with a free 30-day trial. Plus add variety to traditional core classes when you add Robotify or an elective to your 30-day trial at no extra cost!

Placement Tests

Avoid the possibility of learning gaps and determine your child’s placement level with our free diagnostic tests.

Educational Blog

Dedicated to encouraging and equipping families, Calvert’s blog offers tools and support for at-home learning.

Free At-Home Learning Guide
Whether you’re looking to homeschool or simply supplement your child’ education, find the support you need with these 10 practical tips for at-home learners.
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