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The Possibilities with Math are Infinite!
Math is a fundamental part of our daily lives and present in everything we do. It provides tools to measure, predict, control, and explain the complexity of our universe. It’s also a valuable skill to have in any career. Did you know math is used to develop video games, design bridges, and predict weather patterns?  Whether through exploring concepts in textbooks or hands-on experiments, this field offers so much potential for fun learning experiences and a future career.
Learn At-Home
Calvert's award-winning educational products have enabled thousands of families to discover the amazing benefits of home-based education. With print and online options, Calvert’s customizable and comprehensive options make it easy for your students to learn at home and on the go. Both parents and students can find support with our Calvert Education services team. Academy parents and students enjoy the benefit of accreditation and teacher support.  
Supplemental Learning
Individual attention and reinforcement through supplemental learning enables students with varying learning styles to succeed through fun activities designed to tackle insecurities and build confidence through practice. Calvert print, online and academy courses are available to supplement your student’s learning in any subject so they can reach their highest potential. Access 24/7 teacher and tutor support through Calvert Academy for children in grades K-12. 
How can Calvert help your student?

Find the Support
Needed to Thrive

Educational Resources that
Build Confidence

Fill in the
Learning Gaps

“Math empowers students with the ability to solve problems, not only in the field of math, but in their own lives. Problem-solving is a skill that will never be obsolete.”
Dr. Cory Sengsouvanna | Calvert Academy Principal
Improve Math Skills Through Coding
Coding is a real-world way to build math skills and make learning fun and engaging. Robotify offers students in 3rd-8th grade the opportunity to realize their original ideas by developing their capacity for critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. This innovative program offers a best-in-class, 3D browser-based robotics simulator to engage students in learning to code in Blockly and Python.
Build Confidence With Calvert Clubhouse
Supplemental learning with educational resources is a great way to help your child catch up and reinforce essential concepts necessary as foundations for learning Math. Calvert Clubhouse  has everything you need. These brightly illustrated workbooks will capture your child’s attention with colorful pages and lessons that build confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment.
Supplement Your Current Curriculum
If your current curriculum isn’t meeting the needs of your child, try some of our best-selling math courses and fill in the learning gaps. Easy-to-use placement tests ensure your child is placed at the right grade level. Master the basics through brightly illustrated print curriculum or advance critical math skills with online curriculum designed with your child in mind.
home learning support
They Were Made to Thrive. We Were Made to Help.
Whether your student is struggling to grasp the subject or you're struggling to teach it, math can be intimidating. No worries, our accredited, online academy is here to help your family through your home learning journey. Explore the different options available to meet your family’s specific needs.
Teacher Supported Courses

At Calvert Academy, your child receives access to highly qualified teachers and staff dedicated to ensure their learning path, pace and goals are recognized. Enroll full-time or in individual courses and get the perfect amount of support. LEARN MORE

Credit Recovery

Easily earn credit for a failed course with a credit recovery course from Calvert Academy. Reduce completion time by bypassing mastered content and focusing on the areas that need improvement.

Dual Enrollment

Does your child excel in Math or are they looking to get a head start on their college education? Calvert Academy’s Dual Credit Program provides full-time junior and seniors the opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously while keeping students challenged and engaged. LEARN MORE

Meet the Field Experts

Devin Alderson

MS & HS Math Teacher
MA Educational Leadership (Western Kentucky University)
BS Applied Mathematics (Brescia University)

Kahla Vitz

Math & Computer Teacher
MEd Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum (University of Oklahoma)
BS Civil Engineering (Arizona State University)

Nadab Juarez-Flores

Math Teacher
MEd Teaching and Learning (Cameron University)
BS Psychology (Cameron University)
BA Mathematics (Cameron University)

Which Approach Is Right for Your Student?

Preschool - 4th Grade

Calvert’s curriculum for Pre K-4 creates meaningful learning experiences that activate students’ natural curiosity, encourage their unique strengths, and fuel their developing interests in math and science. Build an educational foundation and a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities with Calvert’s print curriculum.


3rd - 12th Grade

Student-led and parent-supported Calvert Homeschool online gives students access to 4 core courses across all grade levels. Automatic grading, dynamic lessons, and flexible calendars are just a few of the amazing benefits. Enroll full-time or in a single course or elective to supplement your child’s learning.

Online Academy

K - 12th Grade

An accredited, online school like none other, Calvert Academy is the perfect solution to at-home learning. Powerful features like teacher and staff support, 24/7 tutor availability, dual-enrollment and credit recovery opportunities, and anytime access to courses and lessons, help every student reach their fullest potential.