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I Can Learn Job Skills with Calvert

Home Learning For Everyone 

Learn more about our home learning options to support your family’s specific needs.

Unleash Their Full Potential With Calvert
Where Innovation Begins and Imagination Grows
Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses teach students the skills needed to prepare them for further education and careers in current or emerging professions. Explore all the ways Calvert can support your child’s learning journey and aspirations. 
How can Calvert help your student?

Home Learning

Free Learning

Add Depth
and Variety

Endless Possibilities, Unlimited Potential
Help your child discover their future one elective at a time. Calvert’s Career and Technical Education Courses add depth and variety to traditional core courses while allowing your child to explore their interests and develop critical skills and training necessary to succeed in future careers and become lifelong learners. Get started easily with one of Calvert’s top-rated CTE courses.
From Experimentalist to Expert
Children are born with a natural curiosity of the world around them. Building the bridge between wonder and discovery begins with allowing them to pursue interests and creating unforgettable learning experiences. Introduce hands-on learning into your child’s home learning journey with free resources, lessons, and activities.
Code Your Future
Improve skills and gain experience in a high-demand career field. Robotify offers students in grades 3-8 the opportunity to explore computer science through an innovative coding program using Blockly and Python.
home learning support
They Were Made to Thrive. We Were Made to Help.
Whether your student is struggling to grasp a subject or you're struggling to teach it, home learning can be intimidating. No worries, our accredited, online academy is here to help. Find the support you need with 24/7 academic support at Calvert Academy.
Enrollment Options

Find teacher support in a single subject with individual course enrollment or enroll full-time for complete access to powerful benefits, such as flexible learning, easily transferable credits, and engaging curriculum. LEARN MORE

Credit Recovery

Easily earn credit for a failed course with a credit recovery course from Calvert Academy. Reduce completion time by bypassing mastered content and focusing on the areas that need improvement.

Dual Enrollment

Earn high school and college credit simultaneously with dual credit courses. Save money and get a head start on your college education or complete an entire associates degree.  LEARN MORE

Which Approach Is Right for Your Student?

Preschool - 5th Grade

Calvert’s curriculum for Pre K-5 creates meaningful learning experiences that activate students’ natural curiosity, encourage their unique strengths, and fuel their developing interests in math and science. Build an educational foundation and a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities with Calvert’s print curriculum.


3rd - 12th Grade

Student-led and parent-supported Calvert Homeschool online gives students access to 4 core courses across all grade levels. Automatic grading, dynamic lessons, and flexible calendars are just a few of the amazing benefits. Enroll full-time or in a single course or elective to supplement your child’s learning.

Online Academy

K - 12th Grade

An accredited, online school like none other, Calvert Academy is the perfect solution to at-home learning. Powerful features like teacher and staff support, 24/7 tutor availability, dual-enrollment and credit recovery opportunities, and anytime access to courses and lessons, help every student reach their fullest potential.